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Man on a Ledge twists the unexpected

Check out what I had to say about Man on a Ledge on Teenlink South Florida. 

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iGoogle, you are so trendy

I may not love Google’s new privacy policy, which creates a  universal, online profile for Internet users by streamlining all social media websites, searches and other “publicly accessible” information into one place, but I must say, I do love all

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Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne collaboration

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Series: Hidden resources at UCF

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Dream or reality?

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I am young, capable and qualified

Last week, I applied for a social media coordinator position, which posted just two days prior to my interview. I could barely wait; this was my ideal job. Excitedly, I completed the local staffing firm’s extensive, online application and prepared

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Forget exclusivity, embrace variety

America has been known as a great melting pot for decades, yet for many, marriage outside of one’s race, religion or ethnicity is considered unacceptable. As I sniffled through “The Help,” which released on August 10, I could not help

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