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Cover stories on Orlando Weekly


Working it: Demystifying the world of college internships

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Advanced web production skills

Sport Court

Sport Court South Florida website Before: http://sportcourtsouthflorida.com/

Sport Court South Florida website (Work still in progress): http://sportcourtsouthflorida.com/WordPress

Boca MedSpa

Boca MedSpa website Before: http://www.medspabocaraton.com/

Boca MedSpa website After: http://bocamedspa.com

PIP Marketing

Created website wireframe, and timeline graphic: http://www.pipmarketing.com/

Holliday Cleaners

Created website and custom graphics: http://hollidaycleaners.com/

Early Learning Coalition

Project manager for website creation project: http://elcoforangecounty.org/

Just for fun

Localigy: http://localigy.com/

This is for the crazy ones: Thisisforthecrazyones.com


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Facebook Insights: Sport Court South Florida

create infographics with visual.ly

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I blame Google for my decision fatigue

Do you feel like you need an umbrella to shield you from information overload? Me too.

Do you feel like you need an umbrella to shield you from information overload? Me too.

“The road no longer diverges. It splits into millions of Internet tubes of options.”

The former statement is taken from the book, Twentysomething, which outlines the problems Millenials struggle with – decision fatigue from an ever expanding world of options. According to the book, the difference between when Baby Boomers and Millenials were twenty is the quantity and pacing of choices to be made.

I could not agree more.

It was not until my friend Jordan lent me a book called “Talent is Never Enough” by John C. Maxwell that I began to realize my problem with decision fatigue.

He really could not have given me a better book at the time. “Writers write. Composers compose. And leaders lead.” I am only interested in the first and the last, but I was struggling writing and leading prior to reading the book.

My Situation

Anyone who knows me knows I have an incessant flow of new ideas. These waves of ideas are usually useless though because there are too many of them to implement at any one time. So what happens? I forget about the idea and move onto the next idea.

Do you ever feel like this? Overwhelmed with so much information that you forget how to actually get things done?

That is how I felt.

I blame the Google Panda update for my lack initiative (blaming is exactly what the book says not to do but for the sake of this article I had to type it).


Because Google’s Panda update requires companies to provide an influx of excellent content in order to get to the first page of Google. Before the update, there were never so many amazing and easily accessible nuggets of information – or maybe it was the fact that I had to look a bit harder for it before. I don’t know.

What I learned is that if I wanted to write and lead I needed to cut back on the eBooks and prioritize the information I consume.

I am finally writing again, and it feels great. Don’t let decision fatigue get the best of you. Take a step back, and ask yourself: Is this the most productive way to spend my time? Good luck.

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Brand your homepage like Facebook

facebook homepage

This morning I deleted my cookies; and so, I was logged out of Facebook for the first time in a long time. I must say that I was impressed with  Facebook’s homepage.

As an entrepreneur, who has struggled with effectively communicating and branding my company, I always look for homepages that quickly express what its product or service does for customers.

While everyone knows what Facebook is not everyone knows about all of Facebook’s features. With so many amazing features how can Facebook decide which ones are most important to highlight? This is where I struggle – figuring out which features to market and promote.

Facebook chose to highlight its: Newsfeed, Timeline, Graph Search and Messages.

Why should you care?

In the top left corner, Facebook says what it does and why you should care: “Connect with friends and the world around you.”

Sign up form

On the right side of the page, Facebook has an easy and quick sign up for. Even though Facebook needs a lot of information for a complete profile, it does not overwhelm users with question overload. It asks for the bare necessities and snags the rest of users’ information once they have signed up.


I was taught that you  list three features because people cannot take in more than three things at a time. Facebook lists four features, but I think it is still effective because the explanations are so quick and easy to digest.

Newsfeed: See what’s up with friends, family and anything you’re into.

Timeline: Tell your story – from where you grew up to what you’re doing now.

Graph Search: Find more of what you’re looking for through your friends and connections.

Messages: Chat and send private messages with the important people in your life.

Log in

At the very top of Facebook is a navigation for existing users to log in easily and quickly.

Facebook’s home page does a great job of appealing to new and existing users. I love their home page, and it is my inspiration for today. I hope it is for you as well.




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Finance problems:

3/5 of students surveyed reported that they often worry about having enough money to cover ordinary costs. I know I have. Do you?

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Unpaid Internships

If you are a student or a recent grad, before taking an internship, compare its description with this list.

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