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This morning I deleted my cookies; and so, I was logged out of Facebook for the first time in a long time. I must say that I was impressed with  Facebook’s homepage.

As an entrepreneur, who has struggled with effectively communicating and branding my company, I always look for homepages that quickly express what its product or service does for customers.

While everyone knows what Facebook is not everyone knows about all of Facebook’s features. With so many amazing features how can Facebook decide which ones are most important to highlight? This is where I struggle – figuring out which features to market and promote.

Facebook chose to highlight its: Newsfeed, Timeline, Graph Search and Messages.

Why should you care?

In the top left corner, Facebook says what it does and why you should care: “Connect with friends and the world around you.”

Sign up form

On the right side of the page, Facebook has an easy and quick sign up for. Even though Facebook needs a lot of information for a complete profile, it does not overwhelm users with question overload. It asks for the bare necessities and snags the rest of users’ information once they have signed up.


I was taught that you  list three features because people cannot take in more than three things at a time. Facebook lists four features, but I think it is still effective because the explanations are so quick and easy to digest.

Newsfeed: See what’s up with friends, family and anything you’re into.

Timeline: Tell your story – from where you grew up to what you’re doing now.

Graph Search: Find more of what you’re looking for through your friends and connections.

Messages: Chat and send private messages with the important people in your life.

Log in

At the very top of Facebook is a navigation for existing users to log in easily and quickly.

Facebook’s home page does a great job of appealing to new and existing users. I love their home page, and it is my inspiration for today. I hope it is for you as well.




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Finance problems:

3/5 of students surveyed reported that they often worry about having enough money to cover ordinary costs. I know I have. Do you?

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Unpaid Internships

If you are a student or a recent grad, before taking an internship, compare its description with this list.

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What an internship is all about

Not many interns get to say that their story was on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel. Laura Newberry, UCF junior journalism major, is the exceptional “not many.”

Laura said that internships are important because it’s not like the learning you get from class.

“When you’re in journalism school, a lot of the time you’re told how to do something. It’s almost like a formula,” Laura said. “This is what a lede looks like. This is what, you know, your paragraph should look like – the inverted pyramid – etc. You know you can memorize all of that, but until begin applying it, then it really doesn’t mean anything so that’s when internships become really important because you’re able to practice those skills that you’ve learned in the classroom.”

Listen or read more about Laura’s internship at the Orlando Sentinel in my Freelanship’s Q&A with Laura Newberry.

Laura Newberry

UCF junior journalism major

Business desk intern – Orlando Sentinel

Freelanship: What do you do?

Laura: I write on a lot of local businesses. I recently wrote on a coffee shop that’s not for profit. I wrote stories on taxes. A lot of times they throw local stories my way. For instance, today I wrote a story on a 93 year old woman who has had the same car for 48 years. Fox news ran a story on her, and she’s actually been on Jay Leno. She was a real spitfire so she was fun to talk to.

F: What have you done prior to the OS – what gave you the most experience for the Orlando Sentinel?

Intern, senior year of high, Lakeland Ledger

-Intern, Seminole Chronicle

-Senior staff writer, Central Florida Future

For Seminole Chronicle, I actually got to write a lot of, what I thought, were important stories a couple of times a week, and I think that was the most valuable internship. Since it was such a small paper, they let me do a lot. I got to feel around and see what journalism was really like.

F: What doors has interning at the O.S. opened for you?
L: This summer I’ll be interning at a newspaper up north called the Running Eagle in Redding, Pennsylvania. I’ll be up there for 10 weeks working 40 hours a week, and they’re paying me pretty good money which is sort of unheard of; but I went looking for that one. I think it was my other internships that allowed me to do that.

F: Advice for interns?

L: You really need to get to know your supervisor because the more you get to know them the more feedback you are going to get about your work. Also, you should always be punctual – that can’t be stressed enough. If they see you’re punctual, and you spend your time wisely, and you’re always working then they’ll notice that, and it will be reflected in your productivity levels as well by how much content you’re able to produce for them.

In turn they’ll be able to give you a really good recommendation when you go out and you’re looking for a job…

…and really, that’s all an internship is about. It’s about using the skills you learned at your internship and applying them to your new job, and you can prove that to your prospective employer with that GOLDEN SEAL OF APPROVAL that is the RECOMMENDATION LETTER.

Sign up for Freelanship. The first 1,000 sign-ups receive their first three months free!

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Social media marketing facts and stats

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Part 1 of series: Effective SEO ingredients

If you want your page to be found by search engines then it is vital that you that you know the key factors in search engine optimization (SEO). In this series, I will explain what those are.

Effective SEO is much more than just utilizing certain keywords. Today, you need to create quality content in order for search engines to rank your page among its first pages.

SEO is great content that is made up of these ingredients: words, titles, links, words in links and reputation.

Quality always trumps quantity; therefore, it is best to have less linking domains and more quality content rather than the other way around. An easy way to do this is to setup a blog and post to it regularly.

It is important that the blog use a structure that includes heading elements. This means that the blog is separated into sections. Search engines favor pages that do this.

Once you have setup your blog and utilized the proper structure then keywords come into play, which I will discuss in the tomorrow’s post.

For more information or help on SEO and social media marketing, check out PIP Printing & Marketing in Kissimmee’s social media management packages.

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The 80-20 rule

How can the 80-20 rule or the Pareto principle help your marketing?

The 80-20 rule states that “for many events, roughly 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes.

My definition of the 80-20 rule is a bit different – focus on creating content that is interesting to customers 80 percent of the time and only spend 20 percent of the time spewing out promotional content.

Here is my analogy of how this works.

When your son or daughter wants something, what do they do? They start begging for what they want; whereas; if they were just good and hinted toward what they wanted they would most likely get what they wanted quicker.

Asking for something this way is difficult because we are humans. We want instant gratification and we don’t want to wait, but if we just gave others what they wanted first, like our customers, then we would see a return on investment much sooner.

Here are things you should be doing 80 percent of the time.


No matter which industry you’re in you should be blogging. You must assert yourself as an expert in your community. “Solve people’s small problems, and they will come to you to solve their larger ones.”


Sharing is easy. If you read something interesting then retweet it or share it on Facebook.


Respond to your Facebook, Twitter and blog followers. Your goal should be to create engaging content. Once people respond then you need to respond back, and show them that you are paying attention to what they’re saying.

Remember, people want to use your services; they do not want to feel like your company is using them.

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